Andy & Heather | Jerina Mac Photography

THE MEET CUTE.  December of 2015 is when this fairytale love story began.  After a long work day, Heather’s friend, Summer, came up to Heather and said “That’s who you need to be set up with right there” (pointing to Andy).  Of course Andy and Heather were both hesitant but somewhat curious.  What are best friends for?  Matching two people together that are destined for one another.  Summer, the bff, worked her magic with these two and convinced them to at least chat at the Christmas party that weekend. Thirteen months later, Heather and Andy said their, “I do’s”.

THE PROPOSAL.  Andy was so excited and eager to propose that the second he got “the ring”, he walked in on Heather eating a MEGA stuffed Oreo (that’s what us girls do), got down on his knee.  “How about spending the rest of your life with me?  Will you marry me?”  In a MEGA stuffed Oreo kind of way, Heather said “YES”.  Andy also asked Heather’s 3 beautiful children if he could marry their mom.

It was a family complete and so sweet.


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