Blog: Corey and Lauren’s sweet southern wedding

As soon as Lauren and Corey connected with me on the internet, we were a match made in “gamecock” heaven.  Yes, I met my dream couple…USC graduates as I am.  But their first meet is much sweeter so let me tell you how they met and how their love blossomed.

They met  on Facebook before their freshman year in college at the University of South Carolina.  Lauren received a facebook message from a blonde young man from Virginia.  She typically never answered from someone she’d never met on facebook but they did share the same birthday.  They both planned to attend USC and in their freshman year, they finally came face to face.  Remaining friends all throughout college, they went to Disney World with a group as friends on their senior trip.  As we’ve all heard that dreams come true at Disney World;  the dream of meeting their soul mates came true and the rest in history.  They fell in love and completed their dating cycle with a romantic proposal on May 31, 2014 at the most beautiful and perfect sunset at the Florida Coast in Sanibel Island, Florida.

Their wedding at Honey Horn Plantation in Hilton Head, SC was one gorgeous southern celebration.  Enjoy the moments captured by Jerina Mac Photography.

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