Blog: Savannah Tanger Outlet/Post Construction/360clean Savannah, Ga.

As all of us anxiously anticipate the grand opening of our new Savannah Tanger Outlet on April 16, I’ve seen the “behind the scenes” of how much work all of the construction vendors have put into this project.  Especially my husband, David.  His 360clean Company was awarded the Post Construction Clean for this 485,000 square feet facility.  No, that is not a miss print.  His crew of 15 hard working and dedicated team members will have labored 1,400 man hours when it is all said and done.  From stripping/waxing floors, parking lot sweeping , pressure washing, storefront detailing as well as within the stores, David sees it as a privilege to be part of such a high profile project.  Being a resident of Savannah, David’s company has generated lots of exposure to contractors throughout the United States.  It was not a piece of cake to be awarded this contract.  Much pre qualifications were mandatory to be chosen for this job.

When April 15 midnight rolls around and we’re all snuggled in our beds dreaming of  the “big shopping day”, my husband and his 360clean crew will be putting the final touches on Savannah’s Tanger Outlet.  David Boylston, Regional Director/ 360clean, Georgia Coast and Jacksonville, Fl.

I also want to personally thank Mr. Ben Carter, developer of this project,   for having such a big dream for our city.

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