Blog: Neil and Chrissy

When a soldier meets the woman of his dreams, he prays that she sees the big picture like he does.  He loves his country and serves it well.  Chrissy fell in love with Neil.  Not just because he has a kind heart; not just because he is handsome.  She sees way beyond all of those reasons.   He loves the Lord; he is a protector;  he is a family man.  I am honored to have been chosen to photograph their wedding this past weekend.  n1n120n50n30n43n170n14 n73n75n21n171n172n15  n13 n114   n16   n162 n161 n160 n159n12 n49n83n7n158 n157 n156 n155  n2 n3 n4 n153 n152 n151 n154 n5 n6    n10 n109  n8n163

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