Blog: Andy and Saadia

s1s4s2s8s3s9s10s5s6s7s12s16s17s18s13s33s19s20s21s22s23s24s25s25s14s11s15s26s27s28s29s31s32s30s34s35s38                        s36s37Andy and Saadia have known each another for 13 years.  It’s safe to say that they know each other pretty well.  But when you’re around them, you’d think that they just fell  in love with all the giggles and flirtation (sweet!)  When this Charlotte, NC couple asked me to be their photographer for their wedding, I was so excited.  You see, photographer’s have this “insight” of how the photo sessions will pan out.  Andy and Saadia did not let me down.  Not only did they rock their engagement session,  they were off the chain on their wedding day.   See for yourself…

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